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July 17 2017

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AK’s Guide to Suits

An introduction to the finer details of menswear, and how to get them right in your… aw, hell, why am I describing it here? Read the intro!

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Since they wont make his summer version, I will

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July 15 2017

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Kimono drawing guide ½, by Kaoruko Maya (tumblr, pixiv, site). Booklet is available in pdf for ¥ 900 here.

Here you can see:

  • female kimono and yukata (note how the juban underwear peeks when in kimono + how belts differ)
  • male yukata and kimono (note how the juban underwear peeks when in kimono)
  • dressing up: male (kimono is not closed yet) and female (kimono closed with datejime belt and ready to put on obi)
  • differences between female and male kimono once dressed (note how the collars and belts set)
  • common drawing mistakes (compare with previous picture: shoulders lines are too defined, there is a double hem, collars are narrow, belt is not at the right place etc)
  • women back collar (the lower the sexier) and men back collar (close to the nape)
  • back and sleeves differences between men and women
  • collars and sleeves and view of how kimono drapes around body
  • Furisode back (long sleeves kimono) and formal furisode obi knot example

July 12 2017

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Gifmaking tutorial: Reducing a gif’s file size

Ever make a gif that is over 3MB and Tumblr won’t accept it? You want to make it smaller without affecting the overall quality? In this tutorial I go over a few methods that will allow you to decrease the file size of your gif without changing its appearance too much!

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🌊 Types of Mermaids 🌊


please be respectful of cultural boundaries when working with mermaids from various cultures and traditions, and be mindful not to intrude.

🌊 Rusalkas - slavic in origin, disturbed spirits of the “unclean dead”, ghosts of women who died violent deaths, with a penchant for drowning young men. they live only in rivers and lakes, and are known to have green hair like aquatic plants, only appearing in the night. 

🌊 Melusina - a mermaid that walks among humans, but returns to their two-tailed form during baths and when they bathe their children. often a water spirit of a nearby lake or river. french origin. 

🌊 Siren - greek mythology. servants and companions of persephone, whom searched for her when she was abducted. they are known to sometimes have the body of a bird, and for their song, which lured sailors to their doom. cannibalism implied folklore. have the power of prophecy. 

🌊 Merrow - irish mermaid. known to have green hair and webbed fingers. particular noted love of music and their red cap, which when stolen, they will live with the thief until they find it, and then return to the water, leaving even a whole family behind. 

🌊 Ben-varrey - from the isle of man, known to bless those that are kind to them with prosperity, gifts, and even the location of treasure. 

🌊 Aicaya -  Caribbean mermaid, humans who become mermaids when they are shunned from their community and go to live in the sea. 

🌊 Amabie - japanese merpeople, with birdlike torsos and three legs and scales. they are gifted with prophecy, usually foretelling abundant harvests or epidemics 

🌊 Ningyo - “human faced fish” known to have golden scales, that brings bad weather and misfortune when caught, but when their flesh is eaten the consumer is granted youth and beauty, even agelessness. 

🌊 Finman / Finwife - magical shapeshifters that disguise themselves as sea creatures or plants to lure humans, unlike most mermaids they kidnap people from the shores to be their spouses or servants. they have a greed for jewelry and coins, particularly silver, and prefer humans over other finfolk. 

🌊 Sirena Chilota - considered the more friendly mermaids, caring for all fish life and rescuing drowned sailors to restore life to them. known for their human-like beauty and youth, according to legend they are the child of a human and a “king of seas”, tears are a powerful substance. from chilote mythology. 

🌊 Cecealia - sometimes known as “sea witches”, they are half human and half octopus. origins in native american and japanese mythology. 

🌊 Sirena / Siyokoy - the philippine version of mermaid and merman respectively. also called “magindara”, they are known to protect the waters from raiders, and protect the boy moon from sea monsters. Siyokoys can sometimes have legs however, covered with scales and webbed feet

🌊 Sea Mither - scottish/orcadian mythology, a spirit that personifies the sea during spring and summer, battles along scottish isles using storms to bring the summer about. a mother figure to all aquatic life. 

🌊 Ceasg - a fresh-water mermaid, specifically half-salmon, said to grant three wishes if captured. sometimes called maighdean na tuinne (maid of the wave) or maighdean mhara (maid of the sea). scottish. 

🌊 Selkie - though somewhat different from the typical mermaid, as they are not cold-blooded, have the body of a seal in the water and are human on land. in legends their skins are often stolen and they are kept by fishermen as spouses, or become lovers to fishermen’s wives who shed tears into the sea.  

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July 07 2017

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Redraw of an old oc - 2015 vs 2017

A great way to show how my views on things changed, specially about colors.

July 05 2017

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Gif tutorial: Removing panning

Ever run into those kinds of scenes that would look lovely as a gif if the camera just didn’t move from the left to the right? Removing camera movement is actually not that complicated! In this tutorial I cover how you can remove camera movement with basic video editing.

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June 21 2017

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Theme: Crossroad

Preview | Code


  • 400 - 700px wide posts
  • header image (custom x 300px)
  • header icon (200 x 200px)
  • page links and/or 8 links
  • show/hide tags on index page (optional)
  • like and reblog links on index page
  • pagination or infinite scroll (with optional manual load)
  • font size and google fonts of your choice
  • custom photoset lightbox


June 16 2017




Download whichever program you want from here

Then once you’ve downloaded it, restart your Photoshop and edit a photo using it.

After you click done, a window will pop up asking for the code.

For the name, type: ArabicHD

And here are the different codes depending on which program you downloaded:

Topaz Adjust v4.1.0
Key: 486369-100524-811114-550973-660878

Topaz Clean v3.0.2
Key: 908749-100524-088856-821680-460436

Topaz DeJPEG v4.0.2
Key: 063969-100524-110477-135976-498737

Topaz DeNoise v5.0.1
Key: 998399-100505-851131-293009-792334

Topaz Detail v2.0.5
Key: 025599-100524-092155-173562-483176

Topaz Infocus v1.0.0
Key: 383999-101121-074089-388105-365368

Topaz ReMask v2.0.5
Key: 972779-100524-465148-572943-121376

Topaz Simplify v3.0.2
Key: 691169-100524-880885-180955-871885

Topaz Lens Effects v1.0.0
Key: 038309-110506-264198-942086-990116


Some tips on painting from B&W to color


As promised! Using this last painting.

1. Tweak your levels

You do not want your darkest darks to be too low on the value scale: you will be colorizing shadows, and likely glazing over them to darken them. To avoid a muddy mess, make sure that the darkest darks on your HSV/HSB (hue-saturation-value) color sliders are at MOST a 9. Photoshop has a Levels feature that lets you do that quickly.

2. Start with a colored base

Sometimes I use a gradient map (which can color lights/mid values/shadows at once), but the idea is the same – you want to color on top of a picture that has NO grey in it. Pick a neutral color that’s closest to your shadows – for example, here I wanted to have a warmer skintone, so I made the shadows cool.


Here is an example of what not to do – do not pile adjustments layers on top of one another in hopes that some of them will give you a good result. Lower your opacity and learn what layer modes do! Overlay will hit your lights, Multiply will hit your shadows, and Hard Light (my favourite) will show up exactly like a colored light source would.

Slow down. This is kind of like glazing an oil painting. Pull down your saturation and leave the Jersey Shore orange for the last steps of a painting.

4. Turn on hue jitter

Real skin is transluscent and highly reactive to the environment it is in. If you look at any realist painting, you will see glazes and glazes and glazes of color packed into a single square inch of canvas. You can imitate this by playing with your brush’s HUE JITTER setting, which will make the color you pick jump around the color wheel a little. This is especially helpful when glazing shadows.

5. Use neutrals to unify your painting

Greys are great. Greys are AMAZING when you want skin to pop, and this is why the majority of classical portraiture sports a neutral background. I just went over the whole piece and punched a bit of grey-green into the background and shadows to “kill” the oversaturated color. The painting immediately started to come together.

6. Remember that this is not a coloring book

The great thing about digital painting is that your CANVAS is your palette – and this method allows you to build one. It helps establish major structures so you can focus on color and light, but chances are you will end up repainting large parts of it anyway. Don’t be afraid to!

June 05 2017

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May Masterpost Challenge: 18/20

    A lot of people ask me what my favorite fonts are, so I decided to compile it in a masterpost. It was very hard to narrow it down to 25 fonts considering that I hoard fonts like I hoard albums but these are what I consider essential!  They might not be studyblr classics, but I use them a lot.

001. Sans Serif: aka body fonts 

montserrat // i use this religiously (also in this banner ha)

code // fyi its capitalized and i use it a lot in banners

rockwell // the best printables font in existance (its default)

moon // this is perfect because its rounded but still looks uniform

abril fatface // im sorry y’all but ill never love didot as much as i love abril.

pier sans // like an alternate montserrat but cuter

002. Title Fonts: gimme more

bebas neue // the classic title font useful for everything.

sullivan // variations are so !! studyblr !!

frontage // the outline  one is free but still so nice aa

003. Scripts that I actually use

mayton // the best brush font

shorelines // the go-to cursive font

nickainely // i prefer nickainely  just because its more consistant

lemon tuesday // i love this font with a passion

lovetime // my FavorITe EVER ITS SO PRETTY

Tropical Brush Script // swooning !!

004. Special Fonts I use regularly

dry brush // i’ve used this on every fandom graphic 

besom // cute and brushy i love this so much

cookies and milk // the only thin font I need

billy // cute bby font ( alternate: babydoll )

icon-works // a lifesaver

005. Bits and Pieces

That’s the end of the masterpost! If you want to check out some of my other design masterposts check below. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions please pop in my inbox yo.

Font Masterpost

Icon Masterpost

Color Masterpost

a+ font choices i love

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Color Tutorial Part 5: Coloring Sketches In Photoshop

Part 1 : Value - link
Part 2 : Hue and Saturation - link
Part 3 : Saturation & Color Mixing - link
Part 4: Color Picking and Palettes - link

Other Tutorials - link

Twitter  |   DeviantArt

A very cool coloring tutorial with layer control.

June 02 2017

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Update June 2017: Tumblr dimensions/sizes for optimal display of your GIF on the dashboard. To prevent your GIF looking fuzzy/ not animating/ refusing to load, use the sizes above.

Most important is the width, height can be whatever you want up to a point. GIF that are next to each other must be the same height or tumblr will crop them. 3MB+ will not work. More on tumblr sizes

May 31 2017


Coloring Tutorial


Someone asked for a tutorial on how to color since I don’t use PSDs, so here it is! This is only the second tutorial I’ve ever made so please bear with me, and feel free to ask me questions if something isn’t clear. 

This tutorial is for people who already have a basic knowledge of photoshop and how to make gifs. 

I’m going to be showing you how to turn this:


into this:


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TUMBLR 101: HOW TAGS WORK! (May 2017)

Tags vs. Search

The first 5 tags!

  • The first 5 tags are your best bet! 
  • Only the first 5 tags show up in tracked tags. Tracked tags are more reliable than search if you want your content to be seen and / or reblogged.
  • Put the important tags (ex. show name, actor name, artist name) in the first 5 tags.
  • Only the first 20 tags show up in search.
  • Only the first 20 tags will cause the post to show up in the tag on your blog
  • So start with the important tags for tracked tags / search, then add tags like “my edits” or “mine” for your own blog organization, and then add FEELINGS and TAG COMMENTARY at the end. 
  • Only new posts will show up in public tracked tags or search. Reblogs will not show up in tracked tags or search.
  • Avoid unnecessary punctuation. Apostrophes ’ are ok to use, but tags with a slash / or a hyphen - or a plus sign + or an equal sign = will NOT show up in tracked tags. 

External Links

Tagging Etiquette

  • Don’t tag your hate; it’s considered rude
  • If you use anti tags like #ANTI SHIPNAME, everyone who is searching for SHIPNAME will see your anti post. Don’t use SHIPNAME when creating your anti tag if you don’t want people to get upset about it. 
  • Don’t put something that isn’t an edit in an edit tag. People are going into the edit tag to look for edits and if your post isn’t an edit, it defeats the purpose of the edit tag
  • Don’t spam the tags. 
  • Reblog; don’t repost
  • The OP (original poster) will often read your tags when you reblog a post, so if you say something nasty in the tags, the OP will (probably) see it. Say something nice instead!

Other useful tips:

Inspired by this post

May 30 2017

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I got a lot of asks about this so I made a tutorial on how I was able to emulate the 80s aesthetic, please keep in mind I’m not an expert and what I put here is just what I personally did. I hope you guys like it and hope it helps

go crazy kids

May 29 2017

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Tutorial: Pinned Post + “pin” icon

Difficulty: 2.18 / 5

Keep reading

May 27 2017

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template number 013 made by psdhampirs.

simple template for pictures. do not distribute this file and do not claim it as your own. likes and reblogs are highly appreciated. any doubts or problems using it come here and i will help you // download. 
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