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February 03 2018




literally most things that people write off as just ‘textures’ to use in graphics are stolen & unsourced material created by artists or photographers NOT meant to be used as elements in projects without royalty payments. you can say ‘it’s just random tumblr posts they don’t care’ but you wouldn’t want someone to take your work and edit into their work so they can be praised for their beautiful style and creativity even if they just post it on social media w/o profit, would you?? so maybe if you browse pinterest or google images for pictures without finding the original source, you’re using images that you’re not allowed to use without realizing it.

you see it on here a lot especially in (i won’t link anything but i’m sure you know what i mean) those album track ‘aesthetics’ posts, au ‘aesthetic’ posts (you see these less in kpop, but where people use non-royalty free images to kinda craft a visual au), and even just rather typical graphics that have a lot of ‘texture’ elements. and texture packs too!! that’s often where the problem starts; people just collect images (often literal art), compile them in a folder w/o sources, then insist no one can repost those images w/o crediting the person who compiled them. what???

SO may i suggest some of my fave places you can get FREE, ROYALTY-FREE elements that are totally legal to use

I’m gonna add a few more:

  • Morguefile is my favorite free stock photo site
  • Texturemate is full of excellent free textures, brushes, and patterns. 
  • Transparent Textures actually lets you combine colors and patterns to build your own texture right there in the browser.

January 30 2018

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It’s the 31th. Happy birthday Kuroko~

January 29 2018

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He was very reliable during many floor bosses so I made him my quick warm up today. I also tried some new things with the light that I’m not sure if they worked.

January 27 2018

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Reblog to save a life

Note from a graphic designer who has to fix this shit all day: rich black is prettier sure but for the love of the gods don’t use it for text if it’s going on newsprint. If its anything other than solid black it will bleed out and become unreadable.

Half my job is fixing this mistake all day from people who really really should know better. And now you know!

January 26 2018

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HELLOO i’m so sorry i somehow let this ask rust in my inbox omg i hope you’re still around for me to offer some help LOL and hopefully this can prove useful to some other people too! ^_^

January 21 2018

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“that’s the 10th Bedi you worked on this week” “I just really like him”

January 20 2018

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I got a request to do a tutorial on how to create galaxies! Well, here you go!! Painting galaxies is so much fun, and can be really calming. So have fun!! 

If you have any questions or if I made a mistake, feel free to message me!

Do not remove caption

January 18 2018

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January 11 2018

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A day of stress and many Wavers

January 06 2018

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New people I received in my Chaldea recently!

January 05 2018


January 01 2018

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                                                ~ Happy New Year! ~
To celebrate I’m posting 2017′s sumary of art. It was the year I’ve dran the most since I started digital, and in consequence I was able to grow a lot. Can’t wait to see how much I will improve in 2018! 

December 29 2017

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A quick doddle of best knight.

December 21 2017

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Page #14 -  Directory

(can be used as: icons page, family page, favorites page, character page, network page, birthday page, books directory, tv shows directory, theme directory, fic directory etc.)

preview 1 // code

preview 2 // code


- Do not redistribute this page and claim it as your own.
- Do not remove the credit or move it to another page.
- Minor changes to this page are allowed.
- Please like/reblog if using.

If you like my designs, but you would like to have an unique theme you can commission me.

Features:  (under the cut)

Keep reading

December 20 2017




Do you design a lot of characters living in not-modern eras and you’re tired of combing through google for the perfect outfit references? Well I got good news for you kiddo, this website has you covered! Originally @modmad made a post about it, but her link stopped working and I managed to fix it, so here’s a new post. Basically, this is a costume rental website for plays and stage shows and what not, they have outfits for several different decades from medieval to the 1980s. LOOK AT THIS SELECTION:


There’s a lot of really specific stuff in here, I design a lot of 1930s characters for my ask blog and with more chapters on the way for the game it belongs to I’m gonna be designing more, and this website is going to be an invaluable reference. I hope this can be useful to my other fellow artists as well! :)

December 19 2017

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Reblog to save a life

December 18 2017

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Cleaning Manga Guild

This is old but I accidentally deleted it a while ago and recently found the file so I figured I’d repload it 

Where to get Topaz Filters:

download |  key



December 15 2017

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I need to think story for her

December 13 2017

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I’m a simple person really. I see Emiya in a cute outfit, I die draw.

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